Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just down the Street

Just down the street is a lovely old church
It's steeple, white, so prominent from my window.
I love to listen to the tolling bells so sweet,
That mark the day , it's time to tell.

Just down the street is a schoolyard, gay,
The children's voices ring out each day.
A thumping ball upon the walk, voices raised in glee,
A playground recalls great memories to me!

Just down the street and around the corner
Is a home I love to visit, with gray heart shutters,
And awning above the door ,it beckons me to come and say,
"Hi Mom and Dad! What's for dinner?"

It really is wonderful to find such joy
And mirth right in your neighborhood,
No matter if it is beauty or treat,
I can find it just down the street!

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