Monday, June 16, 2008

A Day In MY Life

I was visiting over at and saw that every 14th of the month participants chronicle their day. I am a little off, so I am chronicling my day today and hope to catch up next month.
Today has been a fantastic so far.
I am full of productive energy today. I have:

~cleaned all the upstairs rooms very well

~washed silk flowers from old arrngements and laid them out to dry.

~put supper on-savory spaghetti over linguine, strawberry tossed salad, and Tuscan bread

~ organized the kitchen counter

~done quite a bit of blogging this morning
I plan to:

~rearrange several silk arrangements for the bedrooms with dust free flowers

~organize the spice cabinet

~do my Patriarch Bible Study. I got behind over the weekend.


  1. Hi...thanks for visiting our blog and leaving your comment and thoughts about down-sizing and "stuff".

    A comment left for me always brings a smile to my face and feels like a blessing.

    Have a blessed day and I hope you visit often.

    *Thanks for the thoughts on the Journaling*


  2. How lovely to 'meet' you! I have enjoyed reading through your writings. What a happy family home you have.


Your comments are a huge blessing and encouragement to me~