Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pink Saturday

Beverly is hosting Pink Saturday. What fun it is to visit all the sites Beverly has posted who are joining in to liven up the weekend with pink!

My grandmother always had the most lovely floral picture hanging above her bed, both on the farm and when they moved over off the Peaks Mountain Road. I've thought about it much over the years since her passing and each time I went in a consignment or antique shop I scanned the walls for it. I know I saw it once on 'You've Got Mail, for it hangs in Meg Ryan's apartment. I suppose I could go watch that movie again to be sure, but ...this week I was strolling through my favorite consignment store, and there was this amazing picture. Now if it isnt the real McCoy, it at least satisfies my longing for once I got it home I realize just how nicely it goes with my colors in my bedroom, and I know I'd never have bought it if it hadnt have struck my eye as looking "like" grandma's! Photobucket
I simply love it!(Oops! I just watched You've Got Mail< and that wasnt the movie! It must be Sleepless! I'll have to get it back from Amanda!)


  1. Happy Pink Saturday, Carolyn.

    I'm so glad you found a picture that reminds you of your grandmother. It is just lovely.

  2. Oh! That is so pretty! I love the colors especially the little blue vase. Happy Pink Saturday!!

  3. That's really beautiful! What a nice way to remember your grandmother!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    take care,

  4. so glad you finally found it! i bet it looks great and hope it's already hanging up!


  5. So pretty! Great post...
    Kathy (

  6. I love this artwork! It really speaks volumes to me. How extra-special to have a special memory attached to those pretty petals. I get so excited when someone finds a true treasure when they weren't even looking. Thrifting isn't my cup of tea, but treasure hunting is a whole different story. Thanks for sharing! : )

  7. What a beautiful picture! Reminding you of your Grandmother makes it extra special!

  8. What a beautiful picture. nice post.

  9. Beautiful picture, & I'm sure it brings back such special memories for you!

    Angelic Accents


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