Thursday, July 31, 2008

stained glass -My Upper Room

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I love this beautiful stained glass."Based on a 1920s English Medieval Revival design, a heroic crusader’s shield is flanked by the traditional royal roses that signify noble lineage" I am so inspried by the Crusaders who performed amazing spiritual warfare in the physical as well as the spiritual realm.This design calls me to prayerful intercession. I have requested it for my next major gift from my husband. Until then, I would like to use it to inspire in my cyber upper room.
I am lifting the following mjor prayer requests before my Lord and Saviour!
For it is by His mercy, grace, and blood shed on the cross thwt we have free access to heaven.
1)Those who have cancer, illnesses,weaknesses, and spiritual sickness there are too many to mention, but I pray that the spirit of affliction will be cast out, bound and cast as far as the east is from the west, that by Christ's stripes the blood will wash away all remnant of residual infirmity that does not originate in heaven, that Christ will loose within each beleiver who is ill a recreation at the cellular level that will manifest healing and renewal of flesh, and a healing spirit that reaches into the deepest marrow and spreads through each body that whatever the enemey meant for evil, God can turn to good. I pray that each ill beleiver be strengthern in their resole to battle against this mighty foe, and that their faith will be made strong. I pray that beleivers everywhere will keep their focus above with high expecttions of waht can and wants to do to bring forth healing and restoration.
2) Those who have suffered traumas of all sorts, burns, accidents, falls, broken bodies of all kinds, my self included, I pray for the Lord to be merciful in His restoration. I am praying expectantly that the Lord God will speak from heaven a restorative Word that will knit together, realign, restore new cells, new skin, new bone, new joints, new blood, whatever it is that needs to be replaced. Father, you alone are our refuge in times of trouble, Who can we turn to but Thee, and when we are lame, or in such a weakened state, we have no recourse whatsoever but to beseech You to hear our plight. Whatever it may be that we must learn about You and your kingdom give us eyes to see, speak words of confirmation to us that what ever you would have us know or do we will be obedient to do. I thank you Father for what you have done, You are doing and will do in the process of bringing forth our restoration. We give you all the Glory. In Jesus name, Amen

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