Friday, August 15, 2008

1000 Gifts


120. spending time with friends I havent seen in a long time over a leisurely luncheon
121. discussing world views with like minded folk
122. girlfriends sharing a baklava
123. fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from Dottie's garden
124. thoughtfulness of our christian family of our Sunday school class
125. provision of all my needs
126. the cool temperatures and evening showers
For these and many more blessings I am so truly thankful!

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  1. Hi Carolyn,....Oh! This blog of yours is so amazing!!!...and your opening photo!!!...Could I love it more!!??...I thought your last page was beautiful with all the tartan plaid, but this one definitely rivals it!...I so enjoyed reading your continuing list of gifts!....Thank you also for your incredibly lovely comments on my site as well!...I so appreciate it my friend!!...have a great weekend!...Heidi XO


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