Sunday, August 17, 2008

1000 Gifts


127. the opportunity to worship freely in the church of my own choice
128. fellowship with loving believers
129. azure blue skies with wispy, dreamy clouds
130. quiet, restful solitude for a refreshing power nap
131. boldness of our pastor to teach the whole truth and not what people want to hear
132. opportunities to go on short day trips with our church friends and spend quality time around the table with them at the CB- so much fun!!
133. the monarch butterfly that visited my potted geranium this afternoon
134. our church and its prominence in our lives
135. releasing endorphens from laughing and kicking up my heels!
136. the Holy Spirit and His desire for intimacy with me!
137. unlimited access to water I was able to use to water my plants this evening
138. delicious havarti chicken sandwiches at my favorite deli
139. a sweet partner in live who offers to help me with my sore feet
140. access to excellent medical aid at our fingertips
Thank you, Lord, for sending me these and so many more blessings this weekend. I love living my life looking for Your hand there and I pray you continue to lift the veil, that I might readily see, hear, and know your presence in my daily life!

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