Thursday, October 16, 2008

HOHO! Castles for Sale!

I was surfing the net for anything medieval and ran across some interesting real estate for sale!
First of all, there is is lovely fortress in Spain:
Photobucket Only 6,900,000 eus.
Alsace , France offers these two :

They run $ 4,500,000 and 5,830,000 eus respectively.
But alas, there is nothing in Scotland. I suppose I'll need to keep shopping!


  1. Oh! I've ALWAYS wanted to go shopping like this! Thanks for doing it for me, now I know how much I have to save up for. hehe! (But like you, I'd rather find one in Scotland)

  2. Well, those are out of my price range, guess I'll just work on making the home I have a castle! :) (neat post!)


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