Friday, October 24, 2008

I Just Have to Share This!

Last night at our Believing God Bible Study Beth Moore shared her all -important technique for living the victorious life in Christ. First, we are to believe the Word and then speak it audibly in power prayers! She demonstrated her own set of index cards on which she has written the appropriate scriptures that apply to her, then she prays the scriptures on the cards daily to :
  • strengthen her faith
  • defeat satan
  • prayer effectively
  • stand firm
  • have more wisdom
  • make wise choices

The list could go on and on actually, but I believe this is tantamount to overcoming in this trying world!

I found these great websites that offer scriptures under various headings.

Now this is just to get us started. But as we read the scriptures we must continue to add to our cards those scriptures that the Holy Spirit will prompt us to add!

I have copied off and am ready to cut and paste them onto my set of cards. I am really excited about this! I pray you will see the benefit of this, also. I just have a sense that christians are going to need to wise up and become the prayer warriors God is looking for in this generation!

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  1. Small world - Waltham Abbey. That gate on yur sidebar got my interest as I took a photo from a distance and did not go and look close. I missed a treat.

    Just caught up with yur posts and enjoyed reading them all.

    So right, God believed and spoke our the word and th earth came into being. Speaking out that word of faith and hanging on to it no matter what the circumstances is powerful.

    Lovely new template and banner too.


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