Friday, October 17, 2008

My Husband Rocks, Friday

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This week we took our next to the last new members class at church and were given a spiritual gifts survey to take to see find out what giftings God had given us. There was really no great surprise to me really about how I would score the highest and what areas would be the lowest. I have been chairman of the women's ministry, hospitality, and taught Sunday school for many years. But there are areas that I have typically ever before been much lower in that have raised considerably because of the powerful impact Lynn is on my life. I dont think he would want me to be specific here, but there are two areas that he is very high in that just because of our marriage and his enthusiasm for has taught me to be much better in those areas and it thrills my heart. The only problem is when I asked him to pose this week for his MHRF photo this is what I got! It is his fault!PhotobucketPhotobucket
Just to let you know he can and does look better most of the time!


  1. That face reminds me of something my rocking husband would do.

  2. daddy = goofy!

    love you,

  3. :) wonderful! praise the Lord for our husbands' influence in our lives!


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