Monday, October 13, 2008

The Simple Woman Daybook

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Outside my Window...the autumn morning sun is blazing with vibrancy
I am thinking...what do I really need to do around the house in preparation for my dinner party tonight
I am thankful for...Columbus Day and Lynn is off work today- He took me to breakfast, so I started my day with a clean kitchen! Yippee!!!
From the kitchen...I have my apple upside down cake in the oven. we are grilling ribeyes, and I'm doing smashed baked potatoes, and a lovely salad with Tuscan bread
I am reading...Northanger Abbey. I am finally getting to the spooky part!
I am hoping...I can contact an old friend for a knitting pattern that I am working on and have lost! Argh!
I am hearing...Lynn rummaging in the kitchen. He is determined to shred a cabbage I bought last week and make a ton of cole slaw today. He does have a hankering for cole slaw.....everyday!
Around the house...I need to clean the bathroom, vacuum, and dust today, the rest can wait!
One of my favorite things...Photobucket because Lynn loves it so much! It was the scent I wore when we met and it is his favorite!
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...I take mom to the dentist tomorrow, Bible Study Wednesday were are celebrating the feast of tabernacles, wednesday night dinner and Bible study at church (new members class) Thursday choir and a dinner party at a friends home, Friday allergy shot and hope to get together with a friend for coffee following.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
This candalabra was Lynn's Christmas present to me last year. I love it because it reminds me of a menorah. I had just finished Beth Moore's study of the temple and several of her subsequent studies have taught me just how very important the old testament symbolism and celebrations point us to the Messiah, he fulfilled the practices in the Old testament and there are riches to be uncovered in studying the feasts! I love this candalabra!!


  1. You also have a lovely blog! I must come back and read more. =] Your daybook made my mouth water. Your blog name caught my eye because my great grandmother had a dachsund that she named Schatze and she called me Schatze on ocassion. =]

  2. This is a lovely daybook. Dinner sounds delicious, and I love the name of your blog. White Shoulders has special memories for me too:)

  3. Oh,I'd love to be at your house for dinner tonight! What am I saying - just dessert would be heavenly! Have a blessed week - it sure sounds like a busy one!

  4. I hope your dinner party goes well and that you'll post all about it in your next Daybook.

  5. The candalabra is exquisite!

    I also love White Shoulders. I remember my mom wearing it when I was growing up, and getting my own bottle when I was a teenager. It's been years since I've smelled it, though. I mostly wear White Linen now, that my hubby bought for me.

    I hope you find the knitting pattern you're needing!

  6. Going out for breakfast - that's fun!


  7. I love your daybook. I keep thinking I should do that. It's on my list! :-) Stacey


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