Monday, October 6, 2008

Tablescape for 65


I am so blessed to have had my parents for these 58 years and they are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary this week! I am extremely thankful that they are doing so well. This morning dad drove them to church for their weekly Bible study class- they deeply feel that their ministry in life is to encourage others to come to class by their presence there each week. They wish to be ambassadors for Christ. Praise the Lord! This morning I was inspired by my reading in daybooks to be a little creative so I have been planning my tablescape for their anniversary dinner. Of course, I want to use the beautiful placemats Amanda gave me for Christmas last year. I'm not exactly sure about these napkins, but they do accent the centerpiece, although I do plan to have roses for the table on the real day. So we'll have to see. I so enjoyed Heidi's tablescapes last month. So many folks joined in to share their fallscapes, but I just didnt have anything going on. There were some gorgeous ideas demonstrated there.


  1. What a beautiful & seasonal table setting! Looks like the makings of a fun dinner party!

  2. Your mom and dad sound like terrific people. You are blessed!


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