Monday, January 19, 2009

The Simple Woman Daybook

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FOR TODAY January 19, 2009
Outside my window...there is just barely a light skiff of white scattered over all. With the threat of more today I'm not sure of many things regarding my schedule!
I am thinking...I hope we get to meet up at Lynne's house for our usual prayer meeting. Lois is teaching us some important concepts about the authority of the believer- wonderful stuff.
I am thankful for...the Holy Spirit, God's perfect gift to us. I am so thankful to live in this church age. Praise God!
From the kitchen...not much going on today. Lynn is off and he's taking me to breakfast!
I am wearing... my terry house coat. So deliciously cosy!
I am creating...nothing at this time!
I am going... to Lynne's this morning~ she just called!
I am reading...The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee ~wonderfully deep theology!
I am hoping...for a restful and calm week. I have a ten day substitute stint in fifth grade coming up starting Friday! YIKES!!
I am hearing...traffic picking up outside.
Around the house... the house is taking care of itself this week. except for laundry there are no plans for anything special- just a general pick up and vaccuum. Hopefully, Lynn will do the vaccuuming this week! YES! Maybe today while I am up at Lynne's.
One of my favorite things... body lotion, during this time of year. My skin is so dry! I just lubed up a few minutes ago! I should buy stock in the company!
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday: prayer meeting, Amanda coming to help pick up her new upholstered chair and then we are going to dinner and to the symphony tonight!
Tuesday: Beth Moore, Esther, bible study
Wednesday:Ageless group and Wednesday night fellowship dinner and pastor's study
Thursday: I don't think I'll leave the house!
Friday: Starting that 10 day sub job!
Here is a picture I thought I 'd share:
This painting hangs in the Capitol. I am praying that our leaders will be wise to seek God's council as they perform their tasks in leading our country. I urge you all to pray unceasingly for our new president and his cabinet.


  1. Crikey! A 10-day stint in 5th grade! I'll keep you in my prayers. 6th grade was what I mostly taught. I actually love that age group, but yikes, be sure to take your vitamins! You might want an extra strong coffee, too!

    Yes, we must pray for the new administration of the nation. I still can hardly believe it.

  2. Beautiful daybook for today! I hope you have a glorious day!

  3. I pray that the leaders of all countries will take heed to God first! Great post!


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