Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Word Filled Wednesday

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The power of God is awesome...the power to heal, restore, save, create, deliver, even raise the dead. And because of Jesus' death on the cross we now have full access to that power through the Holy Spirit within us. He is our head, but we are His body. He depends on us to manifest His power on earth. Do you consider yourself a co-laborer with Christ? Our great commission established our dominion o'er the earth, over the enemy, and enabled us to be overcomers of the strongholds in our own lives. Each day we need to be proper stewards of that which is at our disposal to run the race, win over the enemy, and help reclaim what has been and who is lost for Christ. I know I fail Him everyday. Dear God, help me to live the life you have planned for me, not seeking after my own purposes, but living for you through your power, growing Your kingdom, and making Your awesome goodness known in all the earth!


  1. Wonderful words for the day Schotzy! I Love your new header as well!

  2. Amen...and amen! God looks for each believer to cooperate with His power and willingness to give good things to His people.

  3. Amen! Beautiful post, Scripture and picture. Happy WFW!

  4. This is a really important message to take to heart in these uncertain times. Thank you.

    Roberta Anne

  5. I am not a religious person. I just found your blog thru Marie's. I think we all fail a little each day, and many of us, perhaps, succeed more than we give ourselves credit for also. ~Mary

  6. Wow! Echoing your prayer this day. Thank you for sharing that lovely scripture and photo.



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