Monday, April 13, 2009

Red Letter Day


Well, this has been a red letter day. I sent a forward out last night that told me I'd get a miracle today and I do believe this constitutes as such!!! As you know I have been anxiously awaiting activity at my bluebird house and as of last week I did have a lovely couple move in, but the weather has been so cold, there had been so sign of any eggs......until today!!!! I went out to investigate and I had not 1............................................................................

not 2..........................................
but 3 eggs, and since the hen was not sitting on them or whatever you call that she does, HEHHEHEHE, it is supposed that there may actually be more eggs to come. This being the first hatching of the season, the female will lay one egg early every morning until she is through and then she starts sitting on them so they all hatch at once! YAYA!! I called our bluebird trail leader, Dottie, this morning and made my official report for the week! I am so pysched!!!

For lunch today I treated Mom and Dad at Annie Moore's Pub. So great! They really enjoyed the atmosphere, music, and food! It was wonderful fun! Heehee, Mom will probably get me for this one, but she chose to pose getting ready to take a bite instead of smiling for me.

Dad was more cooperative!

Then I went shopping this afternoon and got some great goodies, and when I got home Dogwood had partnered up with Rosebud and were frolicing on the sunroom table!

I need to ask Stacey who really knows her sheep, "Do two lambkins make a flock? "


  1. I hope you will get lots of little baby bluebirds! How exciting. As for a flock, well, I asked Ian and he said, "Not quite." He thinks you maybe need about five to qualify as a flock. I say, baloney! Two is a flock as far as I'm concerned. On the other hand, now you have a reason to get more. Have a happy week!

  2. So glad to see that Dogwood has a Rosebud friend at home and a very special Rosebud friend across the pond! I LOVE your new playlist- it's Lang Lang playing music from the movie, "the Painted Veil", which was written originally written by W. Somerset Maugham. I just purchased an old edition of a collection of his short stories, "Cakes and Ale". I'm excited to read it and love the music. Lang Lang is great!

    CONGRATULATIONS on being a birdie grandma! :)

    Love you!

  3. cute little lambies! and that's very cool about the eggs!


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