Friday, May 22, 2009

Bluebirds Have Fledged

On about May 2, 2009 my bluebird became home to a brood of bluebird hatchlings. The mother had laid 6 eggs altogether, but 4 of them did not hatch, probably due to the cold snap we had on that first week following her laying. Probably only the last two she laid were viable.
This photo I found on the Texas Blue Bird Society site just to demonstrate what we are talking about.
On May 7 our Bluebird expert, Dottie, came by to investigate and deemed them about 5 days old based on their developments. Today 21 days following their hatching they are gone. I know the mother was still bringing them food yesterday afternoon. When I didnt see any activity there today I investigated and found the nest empty. I cleaned it all out, actually it was really very tidy considering. Bluebird parents actually carry most of the excrement away in a small white sac to keep the nest as clear as possible!Fascinating!!!
Now I am hoping for another nesting. I will be carefully watching for another couple to set up housekeeping!!!
This birdhouse at my mom's is home to another bluebird family. When the parents bring food the din is sounds like many hungry mouths.I would love to be sitting there on the patio when they fledge!!!
Click here to listen to bluebird chatter!


  1. How wonderful Schotzy! I have never seen a bluebird except in pictures. You are so blessed! I love to watch fledglings. We get them at our feeders here with their parents. It's such an amazing thing to watch.

  2. Love birds and their chatter.
    Have a wonderful day!


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