Monday, May 25, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today...May 25, 2009 (Memorial Day)
Outside my window...
It is 8:30 am and extremely quiet. Very few folks are out and about this morning. The sky is gray and everything is still.
I am thinking...
how sweet it is to have Lynn home from his Walk to Emmaus.

I am thankful for...
our shared experiences during our separate Walks! Now we can talk about it and share in each of our special moments!
From the kitchen...
back to early morning coffee and poached eggs this morning!
I am wearing...
my aqua shirt and white shorts!
I am reading... Decree, by Patricia King
I am hoping...
that Amanda calls soon. I am anxious for her to tell her dad her good news about her job, which I havent mentioned a thing about it to Lynn yet, so she can tell him herself!!!
I am praying...
for our wonderful pastor this week as he has chosen to take early retirement from his pastoral ministry and return to his hometown wih his wife to serve there. He and his wife have recently lost their fathers and have aged, inform mothers that concern them.
Around the house...
Laundry day and Lynn will be doing quite a bit of mowing both here and at my parent's home.
One of my favorite things...
journalling! I love to keep journals on my spiritual life, praises, answered prayers, etc.
A few plans for the rest of the week...
Monday: Enjoying this day of remembrance with my sweetie
Tuesday: Choir practice in preparation for our upcoming program
Wednesday: Bible Study, mammogram, (YICK) and church fellowship dinner, choir program in which I sing and have a speaking part!
Thursday: End of season choir party luncheon at a dear friends home, (Gerry's) should be quite fun!!!
Friday: Not sure if anything
Here is a picture I'd like to share with you...
last Friday my first nesting bluebirds fledged and that afternoon I cleaned out their nest. On saturday I saw the mother return and restake her claim to the birdhouse. Yesterday I took this photo to show she had already built a new nest for her second nesting!

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  1. Oh goodness a second nesting! How wonderful! I don't know how you can keep Amanda's news so quiet. I would be bursting, but then I am not good at keeping secrets. Loved your day book as always!


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