Friday, May 29, 2009

What breed of dog am I ?

Okay, so I took the test!
Your Result: Golden Retriever
The breed that best describes you is the Golden Retriever. You are fun, loving and kind to others. You are very outgoing and love to meet new people. You are a faithful friend and sympathetic and understanding of others and their needs. You can be full of energy, but know how to relax and take it easy as well. You thrive when you are around the people that you love. You are golden in both personality and heart. You are something special, so don't stop being who you are!

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  1. Hi Schotzy, I hope if I take this test I am a poodle. My favorite breed of dogs. It would probably say loving, smart and very much a pain at times...LOL. I love your description and I agree with it.

    Have a wonderful day.



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