Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Tea Time

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Whether tea for 0ne or twenty
there is always time to chat or muse
to smile or laugh
prat on about days gone by
or dream about your tomorrows.
Tea bridges life's joys and sorrows!
Share a cup of tea today with someone!
I am so pleased to have something to share on this theme this week. On Tuesday Dottie, Gerri and I were most priveleged to travel to a neighboring county on an antiquing expedition. We perused the quaint little town of Buchanan, Virginia and I unexpectantly found a treasure that I have been seeking for years, a copy of the painting my grandmother hung over her bed which I always loved so much as a child. I will post that at some future time. I also found several pieces of pink transferware to add to my collection. But then for luncheon we stopped in at the White Oak Tavern near Fincastle!
Fincastle, the county seat of Botetourt, was founded in 1770 and there are many log structures which have been exquisitely refurbished to retain their original charm, and this tavern is a prime example. Converted to a tearoom several years ago it huses a front room filled with tantalizing gifts of the highest quality and the tearoom itself will only accommodate around 4-5 tables which requires the most fortunate traveller to plan ahead and reserve their table in advance.
The menu card revealed at least 20 different teas, tisanes, and herbals from which to choose, making our choice of drink more difficult than our entree! We finally decided on a tisane entitled summer stroll. each table had a 4 minute sand timer which we were told to flip over to wait for the tea to steep.
And then our entree was served.... u believably delicious pecan encrusted cranberry chicken salad and home baked bread with balsamic vinagrette dipping sauce! YUM! YUM!
A most delightful, heavenly wonderful day out with the girls!!


  1. your stop at the teahouse looks so fun! i love the table and wish i could have joined in for a cup!

    hope you have a great day!


  2. I am so glad you are continuing to do this! I will be back with it up and running soon! :) Hope all is well with you!


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