Monday, August 24, 2009

The Simple Woman Daybook

For Today...
August 24, 2009
Outside my window...
we were awakened this morning with a blast of heavy rain, but it appears now that the conditions are improving and it will probably be another muggy August day.
I am thinking...
about our wonderful trip north next week. I am anxiously awaiting our visit with Amanda and Joshua! I can't wait!!!
I am thankful for...
our family... I awoke suddenly about 3 this morning from a disturbing dream... so I just lay there thanking the Lord for about an hour for all the blessings of life. He showed me just how fortunate we are in our family, home, church, friends. It was a wonderful time with the Master.
From the kitchen...
nothing particularly planned as of yet... umm, I'll have think about this one some more!
I am wearing...
white tee and red capris.
I am reading...
Watchman Prayer by Dutch Sheets.
I am hoping...
for a beautiful week this week which will necessarily produce an even more wonderful week next week as we leave on our trip. I am hoping for gorgeous fall-like weather!
I am praying...
for our continued blessings on our church as we travel this road without a fulltime pastor. For spiritual healing and unity for the body. ...for physical healing for so many within the body!
Around the house..
I need to finish some vaccuuming... I hate to vacuum, actually!
One of my favorite things..
listening to Scottish music. One of my favorite songsters, is Dougie Maclean! I have all of his cd's but unfortuantely, they are all stuck in my car's cd drive. I'd love to get them loose before our trip. Lynn read online last night you can put double stick tape on something like a paint scrapper and carefully slide it into the slot and perhaps dislodge one cd which would cause the others to pop out. I'm off to the store to find some double stick tape today!
Plans for the rest of the week..
Monday: I am taking my mom to the doctor this morning to check on her leg. She sustained a nasty cut on her lower leg over the weekend. Last report it was healing very nicely, but the doctor wishes to see it. Great doctor, that!
Tuesday: Work at the church in the prayer room. Lynn and I bought spotlights that are being installed today which will shine on the cross in the place of 2 flourescent lights in the chapel. Dottie is purchasing Christmas twinkle lights we want to place on the ficus trees. Make sure the rollodex is once and for all ready for Wedneday night .. our first churchwide viewing of the prayer room!
Wednesday: Ageless Bible Study group
Wednesday night fellowship dinner,... the prayer team hosts the prayer room visitation from the church,... Bible study
Thursday or Friday: I will join friends for a luncheon at a local Indian restaurant... my first Indian cuisine.. Looking forward to that. (BTW, Amanda will be interested... joining Carole Jean, Leanna, and Dottie. Wish you were here, too!)
Sometime... hoping to walk and stop in for coffee, Dottie!
Here are a couple of pictures I thought I'd shre this morning:
Amanda has been wondering what this side of the sunroom looks like since we put in the new floor and moved furniture. A dining table used to occupy this space. This is far from finished. We have this sofa on a waiting list to be reupholstered. Then I also plan to substitute the coffee table with tables that are now downstairs. So this is definitely a before photo until the sofa is altered.
The dining table now resides on the other side of the room which makes for enjoyable dining complete with dramatic views. The room seems much larger with this arrangement. I just purchased a lovely new table cloth I am now using on this table which puts me in a very autumnal mood! Come, September!
Anyway, my darling Amanda now can picture the sunroom as it makes its gradual change.


  1. Hello friend! I finally feel like I am getting back into life again and blogging! What a wonderful Monday Daybook today! I hope you are well and enjoying the summer!

  2. Great day book entry Schotzy! I love where you table is. It looks so bright and cozy there! I also love your sunroom. It seems so welcoming!

  3. Thanks for the great pictures, Mom. I love how the sunroom looks-- ready for me to walk in the door and plop down for a nap on my favorite couch! It's kind of hard to believe that we moved the table back and forth all these years so Josh would have room to sit! Looks great and I'm sure it feels a lot larger! Now, just get that studio straightened up and post some pics of your table! :>)

    Love you and hope all goes well with the opening tomorrow night!



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