Friday, October 23, 2009

Daily Pearls

Through my window: It is a gloomy kind of day today~ there is a definite chill in the air and a threat of rain to come.

Through my door: I hurried out the door this morning rushing to make it to the allergy doctor in time.... I awoke last night with a sinus headache and upon taking some Benadryl, did oversleep this morning with only 15 minutes to make it to the office upon rising! Argh!!! Then when I was finally called I was told my allergies and sinsues precluded my ability to receive my shot! Oh... too have just stayed in bed this morning.

Hearing: I am listening to Truth for Life: Alistair Begg is such an engaging expositor! I love his inspiring sermons!

What's Cooking:Savory baked tilapia. I love this delicate and very nutritious fish!

Hearth and Home: Lynn is coming home early today so we can go by the furniture store to pick up our new end table for the sunroom. Hopefully, next month we can get the sofa reupholstered! We've been on the waiting list now for 6 weeks.

Healthy Living: This week, I am trying to hold on to the 9 pound loss I have had thus far. I am trying to drink more milk... something that seems hard for me these days!

Creative Corner: still no plans right now.

Storm over Coronado, by Donna Jeremiah
Book of Mark, Bible
Beth Moore's Study of Daniel
First Place 4 Health Bible study
Experiencing God, by Henry Blackaby

On My Mind:Yesterday I had such a wonderful time... I joined the Senior bus trip to travel the Blue Ridge Parkway up to Mabry Mill. The day was gorgeous, the fellowship so sweet. I really enjoyed walking the area with Dottie, Bill and their two babies, Heather and Holly!Dottie is such an amazing friend... so thoughtful... so considerate... and encouraging. She is a real blessing to me.

My prayer is all about expectation!! Lord, guide me unto all understanding of your kingdom life... edify my spirit to be expectant and full faith in your Word, holding unwaveringly to the truth of who I am and what you wish to accomplish through me. Keep me close and pure. My deep desire is tobe used in your kingdom work that You might be glorified in all things!!!
Gratefulness: simple pleasures like talking with Teresa yesterday and seeing in her a deep spiritual understanding. I look forward to more talks with her!
Praying:I particualrly lift up Doris to the Father today! Father, She heeds your healing touch. Recreate in her those things she needs for full recovery... her heart and kidneys, Lord, bless her and fill her with Your strength! In Jesus Name!!!!
Planning: Not too much to plan this week,,, but just wait... it's coming!

Simple Pleasures: power naps in the afternoon... all tucked into a cozy comforter! Lovely!!!

Thanks to Thia. I love with this theme so I am borrowing it. Her original is found on her site, Harvest of Pearls.


  1. Beautiful pictures which go so well with your background!

  2. Great post Schotzy and a wonderful reminder to us to take the time to find all that is good in each and every day. I love the water mill. How very beautiful it is!!

  3. I love Beth Moore and your pretty photos.

  4. I love the theme, too. So calming. Stopped by for PS and glad I did.


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