Monday, October 12, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Peggy, at The Simple Woman hosts the new edition of the daybook .

Monday, October 12, 2009

from Carolyn's Daybook
Outside my window... brrr, it's a much cooler start to a new work week! There is definitely a crispness in the air... and the leaves are falling in droves!
I am thinking...well, I find myself much in the same pickle I was this time last week.... so far behind in my homework.. I have to finish First Place for health today... at least 3 days worth, and do one lesson in Experiencing God, then spend a ton of time on the Daniel study! Yikes!!!!!
I am thankful for...the opportunity I had last week to go to the Celebrator's conference in Tennessee. What a thrill to sit under Dr. Jeremiah's teaching or 4 days!!! What a truly marvelous speaker he is!!!
I am wearing...well, since it is 5am and I cant sleep I'm still in pj's
and my cosy robe!
I am remembering...I have scads of laundry I must jump onto this morning when we return from our walk
I am be meeting the gals this morning to walk a new track... it is exciting to have a new venue for walking.. The same old one does get somewhat tiresome... Lynn can walk with us this morning, because he is off work for Columbus Day! YAY!
I am reading...Only a few more pages of Freefall, by Kristen Heitzmann
Beth Moore's study for Daniel
Experiencing God by Blackaby
First Place for Health
I am hoping...the scales to register a few pounds lighter today...thankfully, I have lost the pounds I gained on the trip last week.
On my mind...I have dreams and aspirations of creating lovely autumnal displays around the house.... I just can't seem to get motivated
Perhaps if I plan to blog about them, I will be more inspired!
From the learning, and the building up in the faith through circumstances, and the work of God in my life.
Pondering these words...
From the kitchen.. something with fruit.... apples
Around the house...decorate, decorate, decorate!
One of my favorite things~learning more and more about the Holy Spirit!
From my picture journal...
This was taken last week right before we left for the conference... it doesnt look the same now due to the colder temps, and the rains in the forecast will have their way with it as well.
For everything there is a season....
Aw! The good life of travel and leaving all the decisions to someone else are over for now until next time, but at least, God willing, there will be a next time next spring when our group will be going to the Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster to see the new show, Joseph!(Yippee) ... for now, back to reality!
Have a blessed week!


  1. Beautiful flowers!
    You are reading some great books.
    I would love to go to Sight and Sound, one day maybe.
    Have a great week...

  2. Yikes, it's getting cold here too! Too soon!!!!! Have a good week- hope you made lots of loops today! Where's the new track?

    Love you!

  3. Your Daybook is so sweet! And I love the pictures!


    and Boo! You are cordially invited to participate in this month's Country Heart Giveaway.


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