Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year


2009 is swiftly coming to a close! And all I really want to do is stop the clock! We have just spent the last 3 glorious days celebrating Christmas with our dear daughter, Amanda, and her wonderful hubby, Joshua! with only one day left before their return northward... I am deeply desirous of halting time. ... stretching it out to get to do all the things I had planned to do over the long months since their last visit..... but that will probably never become reality! Something will always happen... like life... to forestall our best laid plans. Today it was waking up to fresh fallen snow that had to be shovelled and cleared from 2 properties... thankfully it was a slight snow but it still knocked us out of our specially planned day. Oh, well, we still got to just enjoy family togetherness... doing,,, helping,,, serving,,, and loving... and what better way to see out this year with the hopes and prayers for a brighter new year! Love to all who visit here and God bless you mightily in 2010!!!!


  1. Happy HAPPY New Year to you and yours! We are less than 30 minutes away from a New Year here. I am looking forward with faith and hope. You all are remembered in our prayers daily, and I hope you will enjoy the rest of Amanda and Joshua's visit mightily. Here's to a blessed New Year for us all!
    Love, Stacey & Ian <><


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