Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time to Pick a Winner

I have really enjoyed celebrating my 1000th post and hearing from friends who have expressed such loving sentiments.. I wish I could send something along to everyone who posted a comment, but, alas, there can only be one winner.... so drumroll please!!!

As Chris Botti plays softly in the background we lay out each of the 19 cards with your names printed on them....
Each one is carefully folded and placed in a lovely pink container and mixed up time and time again... giving everyone her equal opportunity to win!
Dearest Amanda, my helper of the day, did the honors of drawing a name..... round and round she stirred the cards.
Photobucket and then out came her hand holding this one!!!
One of newest and dear blog buddies, Ruth, from Celebrating Friendship... where low and behold I join her each Thursday for Tea Talk... how apropos that she would win!!!


  1. Congrats to Ruth. She is one of my favourite bloggers. Your giveaway couldn't go to a better person! xxoo

  2. It's very early in the morning here and what a pleasant surprise to be greeted with this very good news. My first ever to win in give-away drawings like this and so I'm very excited. Thank you!!!!

    I'll send you my address. (((Hugs)))


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