Thursday, April 8, 2010

Time to Celebrate

Today marks the second anniversary of my blog! This is my 1,050th post.... what a wonderful time I have had writing, sharing, and meeting so many fabulous folks from all over the world through this medium... My horizons have broaden encompassing every continent, almost... I've still to reach out to Antarctica! But I suppose I can aim for even that in this coming year!!!I thank everyone who has ever visited here, and especially those of you who leave me a comment... those comments are such source of encouragement to me... Blessings to all and here's to another year ahead!!



  1. Congratulations, Schotzy, that is a wonderful milestone, and I'm sure you have brought a lot of joy and encouragement to many people with your posts and lovely photos.
    By the way, do you change your background yourself.... I would love to get a pattern on the sides of mine, like you do.
    I was looking for something like Blogspot, somehwere I could keep keep a record for us, for a while and being in The Simple Womans's Daybook network is an answer to prayer, actually someone posted their Daybook on Multiply just a few days after I prayed about it, so I was quick to follow up on it.
    I do not have many visiting my site as yet, and am looking forward to getting to know more members.
    Thank you again, Schotzy, and many many more years to come.

  2. Schotzy congratulations to you. You have a lovely blog here.


Your comments are a huge blessing and encouragement to me~