Saturday, August 14, 2010

Journey to Boston Part 5

Sunday dawned another scorching day... yet it was a real red letter day for the family for the kids were joining the membership of their church.... a very great moment of decision for a young couple starting out....Of course, the greatest moment of decision comes at one's point of salvation as he or she chooses to become part of the family of God..... when they decide to claim Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior ....but choosing one's church family and deciding to serve with a certain body of believers is very monumental day as well..... The kids had already decided a year ago that they would attend Park Street Church..right in the midst of Boston proper.. located right across from Boston Commons and beside the state capital building.
We all are so attuned to the church I am borrowing the words from their site to share about what the church is all about:
"we are evangelical.
We believe that Jesus Christ, who is God incarnate, is the only way of salvation and that the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God. More on evangelicalism.
we are a large church.
On average, we number over 1,900 people based on weekly attendance.
we are a church of small groups.
To make our large church feel smaller, we have over 100 small group communities in which we live out Jesus’ command to love God, neighbor, and one another.
we are a city church.
61% of those who attend Park Street live within 7 miles of the church—in other words, in the cities of Boston, Somerville, Cambridge, Allston, Brighton and Brookline. That said, we have folks that commute in from points as far away as NH and RI.
we are a university church.
38% of those who attend our church are students.
we are an international church.
On an average Sunday, those who attend our church represent some 59 nations!
we are a historic church.
Founded in 1809, Park Street historic “firsts” have included: “America” (“My Country ‘Tis of Thee”) was first sung here in 1831; William Lloyd Garrison delivered his first major public address in Boston against slavery here; the Boston chapter of the NAACP was founded here; among others. More on our history.
we are a youthful church.
Although Park Street Church was founded in 1809, in demographic terms we are a young church: 49% of our attendees are in their 20s, and 20% are in their 30s.
we are a family-friendly church.
We have a large and growing number of families (married couples, with or without children, and single parents) who comprise about 28% of our population. Children and youth contribute to our worship through the Youth, Children’s and Cherub Choirs.
we are a missions-oriented church.
World missions has been a notable characteristic of Park Street Church since it was founded. In the last sixty years alone, we have sent out over 300 full-time missionaries. Approximately 40% of our budget goes towards missions. We continue to give, send, go, and especially, pray"
It was so wonderful to get to be in attendance on this auspicious occasion.

Not the greatest shot... I didnt want to embarrass the kids with the flash going off and as Amanda introduced herself I got all a twitter....
We had a full day planned for downtown Boston on Sunday so following church we walked up the hill by the church to Beacon Street...
Beacon Hill is probably the most widely known most desirable area of Boston.. known also for its historic charm, brick sidewalks and gas lit ambiance.... There on the corner of Charles Street
we found out lunch.. at the Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro Cafe.
I was thrilled to see a favorite on the menu... Eggs Benedict!! YAYA!
Then we started our trek across Boston Commons/ the Public Gardens toward the "T" (subway) Station! Dressed up in 90+ weather it was a bit grueling.... but the scenery was gorgeous...


The T yielded its transport for us to flit across town to the Isabella Gardner Art Museum...
This grand residence turned museum is a jewel of Boston... designed as a Italian piazza.
Three stories of galleries extend from this magnificent courtyard representing several hundred years of exquisite fine art.... form some of the world's finest masters, including Michealangelo, Raphael, Cellini, Rembrant, Rubens, and Degas to name a few...

I was so transfixed by the beauty of the courtyard I sat beneath the columns for almost an hour just soaking in the history, the grace, and replenishing peace of the tinkling waters from the fountains and the cool breeze that seemed to waft through the fronds of the the palms, relishing the cold, hard solid feel of the marble bench upon which I rested...
I was ecstatic to be able to bring home a reminder of my favorite work... St. George Slaying the Dragon by Crivelli!
And then it was time to return to the condo , kick off our shoes, and enjoy another lovely home cooked meal topped off with baked strawberry/rhubarb pie with ice cream!Life is good! But just wait until tomorrow!!!

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