Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tea Time Thoughts


A peaceful teatime is such a marvelous opportunity to collect my th0ughts and really come to grips with ideas that keep circulating in my head.. lately on this very important topic...

how does one go about sharing the gospel with their most cherished family members especially in these trying days of uncertainty.. for example how would I share the gospel with a loved one who is facing the end of their life due to some catastrophic disease... one who may have always held to a faith in God and always tried to live a good life,, but you;re just not sure of his/her salvation... here is a word from wonderful teacher Billy Graham on this important topic.

" You certianly do not want him to go into eternity without hope and without Christ - and God may want to use you in these days to confront him with this sobering reality.

Pray, therefore, that God will open the door for you to talk frankly with your father about his spiritual condition. Sometimes the hardest people to talk to about spiritual things are those who are the nearest to us - our relatives or closest friends. But remember: You are not alone. If God opens the door to talk with him, He will be with you by His Holy Spirit - and He'll also be working in your father's heart.

During these days, let him know that you love him and you care what's happening to him. And let him know that because you love him, you care not only for his physical health but also for his spiritual well-being. Let him know, too, that you hope to be with him in heaven some day - and you will, if he opens his heart to Christ. "
For Christ, alone is the way, the truth and the path to eternal life.
Most of all, let him know that God loves him. He may not love God - but God loves Him, and the proof is Jesus Christ. When we know Christ, nothing "in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Romans 8:39). "

OH how powerful is the gospel message and none anymore wonderful than this message to a dying patient,, Pause the music to take advantage of this loving message.

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  1. I just wish I had found that message before my father passed for I am not sure he was saved. It concerns me, of course. And, frankly, what have you got to lose? They have everything to lose; and if I had it to do over again, I would seek the opportunity.


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