Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This being the first Thursday of Spring 2011    I am just so thankful for the refreshing of God's creation  as new life springs forth  in profuse color and simplicity....  everywhere one looks the blossoming trees are laden with their pale pinks and whites,,the budding leaves on trees that loveliest shade of spring green....   blazing forsythia   brightens every hedgerow   and flowers are popping out all over...  it puts a lilt in my voice, a song in my heart and delight in my steps...  why, just to glance out the window one lightens the mood and thrills the eye, spring's  grandeur is everywhere!
Whether I look out the back..
 or out the front,,,  the promise of spring is there!
Some windows offer much more!
  I just missed capturing the female bluebird building her nest in our bluebird house... glory to God!
 So as I step back to take my shot, I see the evidence   of springtime is manifesting itself inside, as well as out!
Indeed, the whole room is showing off a bit of spring time loveliness!
Ah,,, yes,, spring is here and with it all the glorious color and life of God's perfection  coming back into the the world,, and for that I am most thankful!

"The garden shares its secrets with those who come away into a world where time is measured not by clocks but by the sun's long fingers....
Where one petal is a universe, and the cares that life beyond the garden gate are swept away on the gentle evening breeze..  "  from Beyond the Garden Gate, by Thomas Kinkade
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