Friday, May 13, 2011

OUr Dream Trip to England

I have spoken before plenty of times about my huge desire to visit the United Kingdom.  Not only because my study of genealogy will take me to places like Perthshire, Scotland, and Gloucestershire, England and Waterford, Ireland,  but because I have met so many fine friends on Facebook  from there. ONe of my oldest and very special friends is Kev from Birmingham, England.  He is a Brummie,  ( a person from Birmingham)   who are said to speak Brummie,  a bit of a  different accent  so he says.   I like all accents  so one is the same as another to me.  Kev is a photo journalist  who loves to dabble in all kinds of photo editing. He particularly likes to research older dwelling and old photos of Birmingham like those that I found at the top of this collage.  Im not sure but I think the center photo would be the general area in which Kev lives   but I know the side photos were taken  at a church function right at his back door last fall.  He can see that lovely cross from his home there in Erdington!  The bottom left photo represents  exactly  what I expect Kev to do  when we get to Erdington...  he's taking us to Druckers for a spot of tea and a cream cake...  I love to plan  and dream about my trip... I pray it does come to pass some day  ...   before Im too old to go!!

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