Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY..A day late
   Tuesday:  June 7....   the temps  this week are oppressively hot for my tastes.. glad most of my errands are morning errands

I am thinking...how marvelous it is to  have good friends we can count on... this evening  my husband, Lynn, and I are meeting Dottie,  to the Deli for dinner  then we're all off to  the Jefferson Center,  the Concert Hall for the spring production of the Community band.    Going  with  friends  to see friends   perform is such a wonderfully fun  time....  bound to make memories for us all.

I am thankful for...  God's provision in all things  in my life....   It truly does  build up  my faith to  trust  Him more!

From the kitchen.. nothing tonight

I am wearing..black capris, white  polo and black  ballerina shoes

I am creating...    a knitting project   mainly...   getting  it  ready  so I can  take it for  busy handwork on the train trip  coming up

I am reading...    Robin Pilchur's  A Risk Worth Taking,   and God's Fiery Love  by Bob Sorge.

I am hoping...  a new business venture  established today  will  fly   beneficially for all concerned

Around the house.... last week  I  was purchasing  fabric and setting up  getting  my mom's love seat upholstered and I bought several  remnants  that  I just love for spring time..  so I  have several small projects in the works (  pillows and tablecloths)

One of my favorite things....listening to  favorite music  on YouTube...  it is a storehouse of  wonderful songs from  the past...  brings so many  happy memories!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Monday -    Cracked Pots Bible Study  ( love our new name)

Tuesday-   devotions, allergy shot,   marketing,  meet with  Mom and Dad's prospective new   part time

Wednesday-   hair appointment cleaning,    Church dinner  /Bible Study

Thursday- devotions, laundry

Friday-  devotions,   

Saturday- Sista time at Lynne's,  birthday  bar be cue

A glimpse into my life
I'm counting the days until  I'll be on the train for Boston...  to  see our  beautiful daughter and son in law!
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  1. Can't wait to see you too! Talked with MJ & Pop-- sounds like the lady is going to work out really well! So glad everything is coming together so quickly for them.

    Love you,


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