Monday, October 10, 2011

Mosaic Monday

AS I reminisce  about this  excursion  down the  Blue Ridge Parkway a couple of years ago   so  many  memories flood  me...    being a country  girl  raised in the city,   my roots  definitely  resonate in the mountains, spending   time with my  grandparents  nearby  Maybry Mill...  there is a certain  fragrance...  a certain homey attachment  to  returning to the mountains,  especially in  autumn....   the  crispy chill in the air,  the  moisture, the smell of wood smoke,  the   sudden  quiet  except for the rustle of leaves,  it all  speaks peace, love, and  tradition  to my heart....I'd  love for some of this  today....  until then I will reflect and absorb  through my memories!
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  1. You have some lovely memories, beautifully revealed to us. Also in incredibly beautiful photos. Thank you.


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