Sunday, October 9, 2011

Red Letter Day

Today  I am going  back to Sunday School  for the first time in a month....   I am so excited  ....  as I sit here  putting on makeup and    trying to overlook the  twinge of surgical pain that I suppose will continue to  plague me  a while longer.... it is glorious  and a testimony to my Lord that I am able to  get dressed up a bit and   prepare  to go join  God's family   around His Word and to fellowship together... I have missed this so much!
  I dont quite feel  that   I could take  the whole church service,  but  to walk in the Sunday School  room and  absorb the love  of my friends and    and  the teaching from   Hebrews  is  thrilling to me this morning....I  am flooded with  grateful  emotions as I consider all of the  generous acts of love and  healing  my  friends have  done for me over the last month...  all the prayers,  cards of encouragement and  16 delicious different  meals provided...   I  am humbled  by  their love and  kindness...   I have definitely learned that  it is by the hands of His children that God is  able to demonstrate his love to us    and I need to be much more  forthcoming  in my  obedience to the Spirit's call to  do  for my  fellow  man..  with makeup on and   Bible in hand...  I excitedly  step out and regain  my wonderful life, one step at a time!

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