Monday, November 21, 2011

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I cant believe how  mild  the weather has been   for the lat few days... We've opened windows and  sat out on the porch...   but  tonight  the rain has come

I am thinking...the same thing as last week... time  is  dashing  by...   Mom and Dad  will be moving into  Assisted living next week... and  we have so much to do!!!!!!!

I am thankful.. that   my parents are  actually looking forward to making this move....  it will be good to have it all behind us and then we can really   think about the holidays

In the kitchen...I   made a lovely pot of lentil  soup today....  so  rich and  full of savory goodness

I am  brown slacks and  brown and white tee....   today I also wore my  brown  tweed  jacket  and got several   compliments which was nice....

I am creating..   an  organizational tool for keeping track of mom and dad's finances and  bills....   oh,,,,   I need all the organization I can muster!!

I am be  talking to a representative  tomorrow  about  dad's  VA benefits... praying that all goes  smoothly.....   it has to!!!  Then  soon  it will  be about Thanksgiving and I want to  get into the swing of  cooking  again...  Ive been a bit rusty lately!   Although  this year it will just be the two of us!

I am wondering...lately  I  have too much on my mind to  have  any time to wonder.....   maybe next week!

I am reading... I  really desire to start reading  my  Christmas anthology  I bought last week.....   I love Christmas  films and stories.....

I am hoping...  to  be  able to  really enjoy  Thanksgiving this year.....  this really is a year  of change  for us.... Of course I will be taking  left overs to my parents... but the actually  meal  will  be just Lynn and I..... We have never ever    been alone  for Thanksgiving...even our first year together in 1972 in Germany  good friends  invited us over... then every year until Amanda  came  to us  we were with  the    family  and  actually  every year thereafter  until Amanda  was married and she  started having everyone come to er house..... funny to say,  it wasnt until  Amanda and Joshua moved to  Boston 2 years ago   that I ever  did the whole  meal on my own  for  just Lynn and  myself and my parents....  so  here  Lynn and I will  be ... a red letter  Thanksgiving for sure!

I am looking forward to..all of the Hallmark Christmas movies this season.....   they a re always    so well done and uplifting

I am hearing...absolutely nothing.....  but the  whirring of the computer fan!

Around the house... I am seeing  bags of  Christmas  giftings and decorations and  wrapping paper.....  I am really hoping to  be able to  start  decorating for Christmas perhaps this weekend,  but  who knows....  that may have to wait for another week.....

I am pondering...well, I do seem to ponder a lot  but it is usually when I awaken  in the night and cant go back to sleep because my mind is so busy  pondering  if  the  finances  are  going to  last   as  originally planned  or    what if this or  that  then that.....then  I  remember that nothing is going to take God by surprise and I am able to give  it all to him and I find my peace and rest!!!!

One of my favorite things... a nice cup of Christmas tea to calm my  spirit  and  give  my a sense of well being during the hectic days ahead!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week:Important  business calls gathering  imperative information  about  what  we  are to be doing in the next few weeks....conference  with  the  Assisted Living establishment  .... medical  appt for mom  with  the pain specialist.....take parents  to  doctor to have their  ppd  tests read  for admission to  the new place....   Wednesday night dinner/ adult Bible Study/   wonderful  day of   celebrating  our thankfulness for  the riches of God's blessings on our family... help mom and dad pack....    begin  taking things over to the new apartment (Pray for my strength during this move....  I just barely able to think of helping Lynn do any small bit of moving  and still tire very easily.....)Prayer group  at Lynne's   for coffee

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Our prayer  group is  such an integral part of  our  church life..... meeting together every w eek    is such a blessing to me....   we are learning so much about God and his ways  together....   

  Our  friendship  is more like  true sisterhood in the faith  as  we  practice the "one anothers"...
a  bit of heaven  here on earth!

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