Monday, January 23, 2012

Mosaic Monday

This winter  has  been  quite  a bit  different from winters past....only  the barest skiff of snow one morning  that  was  so quickly gone  I barely caught it on film.....    but  icy wind shields have been the order of the day.....    and I am so thankful for  my dear husband's trusty scraper and  hefty arm!!!!  And that I  dont have to do  that  much anymore!!!!   Cold and drear,  foggy, and stark...  that has  defined this winter...   with a few  mild days thrown in for good measure, but they just seem to make the  really frigid  days  seem that much harder to endure!
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  1. The vista in the bottom left photo is so beautiful, as is the sky beyond the lovely tree shot.


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