Monday, February 13, 2012

The SImple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY February 13, 2012

Outside my window...A sunny,  but  very  cold  day   outside.....

I am thinking...  I love the music on my blog  but it is time to make a change don't you think??

I am thankful..for  Lynn and my life together....   goodness we are coming up on  our 40th  anniversary  next month!

In the kitchen... simplicity is the spice of life... Hotdogs   hahahahahha

I am wearing...turquoise turtleneck ,green sweats,  green and turquoise socks... hahahaha  I am a hoot today!

I am creating...nothing much this week!

I am the Symphony tonight  for the Romantic Showcase
the programme::
Bernstein One Hand, One Heart from
West Side Story
Mahler Adagietto from Symphony No. 5
Hanson Symphony No. 2, "Romantic"
I love the Hanson!   The  kids  played it  several times in different concerts in high school and college.It brings back such fond memories.. Oh, how I miss  those days!

I am wondering...what to wear this evening...  I want to look good,  but not be too cold either..  hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I am reading...

Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts... this is a book to savor.. the  writing is so  deep and  poignant... I  dont  want to miss a single nuance or  figure of  expression!

Book of James
Beth Moore's   study,  James  Mercy of Triumph

I am hoping..well since  nothing got done last week,,,,I am still hoping to make a huge dent in getting mom's house ready  for  painting  this week...
I hope I dont  have to write that one  week after week!

I am looking forward to.... next year's mystery night at the  library
   We attending our first one  on Saturday night and it was a blast...   Loved it from start to finish!

I am let go and have fun when I can!

Around the house is on hold for the next week or so....

I am pondering... the importance of staying focused on seeing God in every  circumstance and  not giving  sway to the  lies of the deceiver  whose voice is so much like my own  it is hard to differentiate....

A favorite quote for today...
When people cast fear to the wind and spend themselves and risk their lives and fortune in the cause of God's truth, and in love for other people, then God is revealed for who He really is: infinitely valuable and satisfying--so much so that His people don't need the fleeting pleasures of sin in order to be content. John Piper

One of my favorite things...The Hanson....enjoy it for yourself

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday: Bible Study, laundry,  computer  time,  symphony
Tuesday-allergy shot,breakfast out,  marketing,  take dad for his laser treatment on his eye
Wednesday- work on my Bible Study, dinner at church, Adult Bible Study
Thursday- Choir practice, Luncheon  with the choir,  Ladies' Bible Study on James
Friday- catch up day
Saturday-  Sunday School Dinner a t Bellacino's
A peek into my day...

Ive spent a lot of time today   on  Bible Study and  computer time  ... otherwise you  might find me driving over to see my parents,  or thinking about my  family  or  dreaming of springtime...  They say  it is a'comin!
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