Sunday, April 22, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (35-70)

holy experience

Ann Voskamp, creator  of  this site, A Holy Experience, and  author of One Thousand Gifts   is    one of my favorite bloggers.   Her theme of

was the springboard to her amazing book  by the same  title

  Every Monday  she is hosting this  wonderful  theme  whereby we join  in  counting the blessings of our lives online, I pick up at 36...

36.    Raindrops on  windows  after  a period of   extremely dry weather
37.    breakfast out with my sweetheart
38.    warm refreshing  showers to begin  my day
39.    Eldercare counselling  leading us through    the labyrinth of  red tape and paperwork 40.  Lynn rustling around  the house.. I still  just love  having him home in his retirement
40.   God's Truth revealed in Scripture
41.   Unexpected smiles and greetings
42.   Reassurances in  the Word of God
43.   Easy accomplishments of morning duties and conferences
44.   understanding  in reality the work of affliction in my life
45.   a flash of blue on a wing
46.  fiery warmth of a fireplace
47.  morning coffee reverie with  easy listening music
48.   times of refreshing with good friends
 49.   raindrops hanging jewel-like on branches
50.    zephyr breezes on my face
51.   reconnecting with my God given parameters
52.   Glory times in the Word
53.   learning to wait expectantly
54.   morning sun shifting shadows in the trees
 55.  dishes rattling as Lynn faithfully washes them
56.   steam curling off a teacup
57.   delicious benefits of cinnamon
58.   guileless innocence of a squirrel on the window sill
59.   joyful hope in circumstances  because of God's faithfulness in answered prayer
60.  encouragement from true friends
61.    the work of confession and  repentance
62.   soul satisfaction this morning
63.   Godlight shining in my  heart
64.   sweetly savored cathedral moments shared in my family
65.  Faithful, loving ministrations  of my husband
66.  happy cheerful voice of my mother on the phone
67. Clarity in the help offered  from friends  in knowing  what I  need to  do next
68.  Headway toward complete normalcy  ( aftermath of surgery  and  recuperation)
69.   Holy Spirit guidance moment by moment
70... Help in moving  the truth of scripture from head knowledge to  the heart ( application and processing)

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