Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pink Saturday

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Happy Pink Saturday!
This season I am greeted with a bit of pink every time I step out my back door....   this  gorgeous deep  fuchsia pink!

What  a lovely welcoming   color  to greet  friends and  neighbors!
 This yummy color  brings to my mind the  rich  textures and  colors of the parlor  in the first bed and breakfast we  stayed in about  5 years ago  for our  35th anniversary
I believe that the Federal Crest Inn  will always  hold   a place near the top of our  list of favored  Inns...
    Luscious  can only describe every thing we  experienced there  from the visual, to the aromatic, to the  fabulous  food!!!
  I am thinking  on  b and b's  because I am deep in the throes of planning our Autumn New England  vacation....   and I cant wait to share  where we are going!!!!


  1. Doesn't it give you a big smile to walk out and see those cheery flowers. It surely gave me one. :) Happy Pink Saturday.

  2. It is SO fun to draw and paint! I just started to draw faces this year! :) and I hope I'll never stop.. I have to paint or draw or both, every day..
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  3. Thank you Mr. Dos Santos! I'm still so green in this art thing that I'll wait (and work my tail off whhile doing so) before I establish any kind of a web presence. But in the near future, when I've cranked out enough decent pieces for a portfolio, I'm going to follow these instructions of yours.
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