Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Refresher on Ice

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  One of the  favorite  recipes I have  enjoyed  this summer  with  its  unyielding heat and  humidity is  something I put together  following reading  
Dr. Oz's  article in Woman's World magazine about the benefits of white and green tea ...   the antioxidants and    benefits  in  cutting the appetite  and for  digestion... really caught my attention...  Also,  the tea Pureh   is one that I am still trying to locate in my health food store... 
  Anyway  our local grocer  has  all  my  other immediate needs for creating the  most  wonderfully refrshing     iced tea....  and each  time I make it  I  try it  a bit differently.. 

I always begin with my glass 8 cup measure filled with water for the microwave.... then I add 2 white tea bags, 2 green tea bags,... then I start adding from my stash of teas.... for I know I need to use them up and replenish my hot teas before cold weather anyway...

so usually add a couple of roobios, and then a blackberry, or a lemon.\,  or a Winter spice, just whatever catches my fancy... . I try to have about 8-10 tea bags in... I set the microwave for 7:30 and then after it heats up I allow it to steep about 5 minutes, I add 3/4 c sweetner or 3/4 sugar depending on who my guests are.... My husband doesnt like sweetner... and I add it to my pitcher... It generally will fill the pitcher so I dont add any water.... I will add about 1/4 c lemon juice and some cut up lemons.... and refrigerate... this has been a huge hit everytime I have served it and it is so very refreshing! I love how each different type of extra tea will add just a bit of zing...but it is very encouraging to know that the green and white tea is so very good for the body!

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