Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Joy of Creation

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When I retired    one of my favorite hobbies I took up was oil painting.....    My precious teacher, Dorothy,     had so much patience with  my limited skills, and    taught me  to paint what you see,   not what you know is there...   and   to  put light where you see light, and dark where you see dark,, and those were  her two most important rules she drilled into us...  but I cant tell you  how much more observant she made us.   I  notice things  in  the world so much more  clearly   now,   picking out details  and  the play of light and dark on colors...   I really need to get back into painting  and not let the  circumstances of life  take  my joy  from me.
brunchtable006These are a few of my   pieces....   not a masterpiece to be found,  at all, but each one   blesses me in some small measure   because  of the memories they evoke    during the  time of their  creation...  amazing  the joy that comes from  applying  paint to canvas!

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