Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Fave Five

Susanne is taking a  bit of  a vacation from   blogging  but I still  wish to play along today!  God is so good to us....  His Holy spirit goes along before us  making our way smooth and  easy  if  we will only  stay focused and watch for Him!

1.    Our  auto body shop owner   last  Friday  not only painted  dad's car, but also  fixed the  dent in the driver's door, at no cost, even though  he had originally  given  us a $650.oo estimate to  fix  the dent....  Awesome!  
2.  The Holy Spirit led me to    do some  very important  checking and  make some  all important connections  in response to   my parents  living arrangements....God's timing is everything!
3.  Life together in His kingdom is so rewarding...   my little  teenage  friend I met on Farmtown    is such an amazing christian and he is  leaving tomorrow for  summer camp..  His  excitement  as he shared with me  his expectations  was  such a blessing....I am always so  surprised  when  he  texts me  with news about his  life...    and today  he asked me to pray with him about his upcoming week.... I may not  have any grandkids yet,  but God is  so  loving to   supply  what  will  touch my heart! 
4.  My mom  who has been suffering so  very much  with her osteo -arthritis   for months,  has  been feeling  pretty good the last few days   .. it seems perhaps at long last  the meds are kicking is  as    they  should! Hallelujah!
5.    The weather  has been  much nicer  lately  and    Lynn    and I have been able to get  some much needed  work done not only at mom and dad's home,  but  he is  mowing and  doing yard work even as I type!


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. It's lovely to meet you and explore your blog. Maybe we are kindred spirits. We also adopted a child. I was 36 and we had been married for 12 years. He starts 8th grade in 10 days. See you soon.

  2. Thanks for the reminders of God's goodness to us all.

  3. Lovely fives this week with lots to be thankful for.

  4. What a blessing to have that work on the car done for free. Anything to do with fixing cars can get so expensive.

    I'm glad your Mom has found some relief.

    Very sweet about your little teenage friend. I love how God brings people into our lives and if we're open to it amazing relationships can form.

  5. A good body shop owner or mechanic is such a blessing. Hurray for the good work, some of it free!

    Glad your mom is feeling better and your dad is up and around in the yard.

    It's neat you can be a blessing to your young friend.


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