Monday, September 3, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (236-245)

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Click the above   button to visit Ann Voskamp, creator  of  that site and the author of One Thousand Gifts... this  is one of my favorite bloggers.   

  Every Monday  she is hosting this  wonderful  theme  whereby we join  in  counting the blessings of our lives online, I pick up at  222 Mountaintop experiences... this week   Ann encourages us to focus on the JOY we have in our daily lives
Even though trials have beset us   the last couple of weeks,   yet this is exactly the time we notice  the treasures God  provides...
236.  Surprise visits   from  our  dear neighbor, Victor,   stopping by to  introduce us to his new puppy.
237.  Now that  mom is living in  a nursing home atop   a nearby  mountain,    the  joy of  each visit   is  accentuated  by  the views    as  we   leave to return  home!
238.  It seems  I am  mesmerized each day by God's handiwork!
239.  whether   while out  doing my daily traveling    from  dad   to mom  to   meeting, etc...
240. or  from my own  front porch...  God's   artistry  blesses us  and  reminds us  he is the  great Creator, and  he can  do all things!
241.  God is faithful to  give us   assignments  to  charge us  with  acts of obedience  which help us  when  we  tend to  become too focused on the mundane...  choosing to  step out of ourselves to obey  HIm  brings  blessing  and renewal and lifts us out of our self made pits!
242.  As I was  leaving church last week following a committee meeting  I was  blessed so much      by this
243.Life together around the Cross  sharing in His purposes   will always     bring with it  a sense of  God's presence,  His  abundant provision  in all circumstances, and  His  blessing  both  personally and corporately...  but  it is so easy to miss it  if   we are self absorbed  .......   oh to stay focused on the One who loves me most! 
244.  September has   ushered in cooler   temperatures and  a renewed hope  for  autumn!
245.  Lynn, my dear  wonderful husband,     couldnt  ever be  more  precious, helpful,   encouraging, and my  sweet companion through  all that we are  doing  each day!

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