Friday, November 30, 2012

Outdoor Dilemma

Friday Blog Party
  Let's join Sherry at The Charm of Home for this blog party...
and   Beverly at  Pink Saturday
Now that the tree is up   it is time to think about   the outside decor....
 Last year  the   house looked like  this....
 Even the   full moon  hung in the trees for   a  wonderful   addition to the festivities!
 Other houses  along our block     drape  the   icicle lights around their eaves,,,  IM not into that so much....
 I liked these  lights  and may  use them at the  back door this time around   so  my  dilemma is what to do about the front!!!   Today is the day to   get it done,,, so IM looking for  a  lot of inspiration !!!I am  hoping for  something  fun and welcoming  as I will be having   about  24 here for a progressive  sit down  supper in 2 weeks time!

How Sweet the Sound
PS...... now that  my  wreaths  are up and   I   am   putting     lighted garland up  at the  back door, I am thinking   I may just go ahead with the  same   front porch lighting effects as seen above... I   love the above photo so much!!! Our home sits so far  off the road  anything else  on the front porch  is negligible!   But   please visit  Beverly's   site   the porches  will be awesome!


  1. I love those sparklie stand up lights!!!Never seen those. Your neighborhood looks lovely!!! Happy Pink Saturday.

  2. Tree lights by the back door is unique! Pretty! I strung lights on our patio railing today! Fun!

  3. Your house would be cute with some lighted garland- gently draped on the side where you wreath was on the chimney and the wreath could be in the center!


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