Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello Pittston, PA

I am delighted to have such a faithful  visitor  but  I  have no idea who  you a re ...  Id love for you to leave a comment  and tell me   who you a re....  I know I dont always   have the time to g et around and leave a lot of comments and therefore I get  very few myself....   Sometimes  it makes one wonder,  why go to all this trouble... but  then i  think,,,   well,  this is for my family and myself mainly....  but for   faithful  visitors  it is good   to  know   who I am spending  so much of my   life with.. please respond...

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  1. I like the gateleg table there a lot! You need an entry table anyhow. Looks nice and just in time for friday! :)

    love you,


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