Thursday, January 3, 2013

Im a Jolly ole soul!

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Christmas  is  just one of my very f avorite   times of year.... to begin with, I love the music.... Ilove  how   Sunny 93fm  begins playing   carols   right after Thanksgiving  and        I   want to  continue listening to   spotify   and  pandora  Christmas stations   far  into the new year...I love  going to  the downtown market area and   walking in the brisk air  to   pick out the   most beautiful  garlands,  and wreaths,  and going to Mike's to  pick out our   Chritstmas tree  each year....  I love  how it takes  weeks for  our decorations to  take their final  place around the house  and then   the joy of just sitting in the evening   enjoying the music and the lights.. I love the anticipation  of  the kids coming home   thankfully,  because the anticipation lasts far longer than their visit....the planning, the baking,  the  hopes and  desires  to  capture  that  certain feeling  that   I harbor   from  Christmases past....  I love it all....   and  therefore, now  when it's time to dismantle,  I   have such a hard time...   I just have no desire to   take it  all down..   it  will   so very  gradually  finds its way back into the packing cartons... little by little until   sometime in mid February the very last  bit of greenery is no more!...  I  have   one   very tangible bit  of Christmas I enjoy all year through...  I   love medieval  Christmas  music and I can play it all year  long and no one need ever know they are   yuletide  cds.! I suppose I am just  one of those   folk who carries Christmas  in their   heart and  soul   all the time..... I am one jolly ole soul!       


  1. I too love Medieval Christmas music and medieval music in general, often listen to it :)

  2. Oh how wonderful. Thank you for sharing the hop with your readers too. Happy New Year wishes and thank you for sharing at the hop. I hope you will stop by again soon. I posted the new giveaway! xo


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