Monday, January 7, 2013

Red and Green - Still in vogue in This Room

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  now  that   the trees are down  and  furniture  has been moved back to its proper  room  a nd  placement....  it   is  wonderful to  create   new  definitions  and  arrangements..
We moved the gateleg table back to the sunroom and placed it  where the live tree had been    and pushed the  other table   sideways  by the windows  for  cheery dining...
  The  new dishes I  received from my mom     have   set the tone  for   reds and greens.....

 I have really enjoyed my poinsettia this year....  It hasnt begun to  lose a single  leaf or   petal!!!

This  room arrangement seems  to  give us  much more  room...   makes the room seem  larger..... and I  am  enjoying the  "country'"feel of  it....    it is very  cosy!!!

Looks like a  grand  place to  kick off my  slippers and   grab 40 winks!
PS:    I wonder if I would ever have the nerve to paint this panelling....   I know it is out of  fashion,,   but  25 years ago  it  is what drew me to this house....  and it is   nice panelling.....  I know my home is  not  an hgtv home... but it  is   comfortable for us....  I  favor  the past...  to me it is an  age of  gentility and  grace that I     am so fearful that we  are  losing in society...     when I  see these hgtv  makeovers  they are all  just  so rubber stamp in many ways.. As we    are  getting mom's  home ready to sell,..  we  were told to remove  everything   that   shows  their personality and we are...  nothing  but a blank slate...and I understand   that to a point...  Id love  for people to  weigh in on these thoughts please!!!!!

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  1. Your new dishes are just lovely! That does look like a great spot to grab a nap, or in my case, read a book, then grab a nap. : )


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