Wednesday, February 20, 2013

God's Glory

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God's Word
Our Prayer
Dear Father,   precious Savior,  awesome Creator,  we  worship You,  we give You praise,  there  is none like You..
Your handiwork,  even in these  cold  drear  days of mid winter, sing  glory to your name....They magnify your greatness,  and  exalt  Your  majesty.  The  Triune God  is worthy  to receive glory, honor and praise....  we bow before  You,   and thank You for  our  being,  for  our lives,   our  situations ( even  those that  seem  desolate,   we know  we are f acing   them either  by Your direct of indirect will,  either to bless or teach  and edify us),  our  families,   our  homes,  jobs,   everything  we  have   is only because of the blessing You   have given  us  to  be  able to   attain  it  because  every  good gift  comes from You!  Glory to You now and  forever, Amen!

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