Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Forever More Valentine Cloche

  Visit Marty at A Stroll Thru Life  for   the  party...
It's a cloche party!
The most  important     thing to me   this side of eternity is  my family!  They are  my Valentines!

I dont know about you,  but I  save  old valentines  
special  people  sent to me...

So this cloche is dedicated to these!
Here are  two of my favorites...   the one  Lynn gave me the year we became parents in 1985.. and the first one  Amanda ever  picked out herself for me.

I found the following  poem online and I couldnt have said it better....

Dear Lord,
On Valentine's Day
I pray that You will
cover my family
with Your grace and protection.
I pray that You will
draw each one of them
ever closer to You,
supporting them,
encouraging them,
being always with them
as they go through
life's ups and downs.
I pray that You will
help them, love them,
make them Yours.
In Jesus' name I pray; amen

Lynn, you are  my   sweetheart,  lover, friend
YOU mean more to me    than this message  could ever send
Ever as the years go by
my love for you    will never end...
Our love  is powered  by the Lord above...
by His power every blot does mend...
Til  even now as the gray hair  grows
I'll love you  forever  beyond earth's end!


  1. Oh I so agree, my family is such a precious Blessing. I love your wonderful cloche, and so pretty with the little pictures and the roses. Perfect. Thanks tons for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  2. awwww, I almost got a little teary. Your "scape" is so romantic and sweet.


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