Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A New Creation

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God's Word

Dear Father,  Creator of the ends of the earth,  Mighty  King, Jehovah God...  we worship, praise and honor You because of Your goodness,  Your mercy,   Your  all- sufficient  help in times of trouble...   Your  everlasting  Truth and  Peace  for our troubled  souls...We thank You so much for the precious gift of Your Son, Christ Jesus,   who  by His  suffering and death of the  cross  we  who believe,  have salvation... redemption  of our sins  through  His blood....  But not only   that,  dearest Lord,   for we who  believe,    are   made new,,,   all   the old   things pass away and are no more,,, our  sin,  our guilt,  our  depression,  our  weakness, our  condemnation...   we  are made whole and   beautiful in Your sight...  Glory   to God, Amen!

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