Monday, April 1, 2013

One Thousand Gifts (470-480)

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   I am  so thankful  for

470.  Life together   with  my   dearest husband  who   takes  such wonderful care for me

471.    good news  for a change.....
472.  the hope we have in heaven  both   in  eternity  but   also   from heaven   today

473.  the   awesomeness of   a Good  Friday worship service... the   sharing  in the   suffering,  the   Word spoken  , the cup shared,  the   silence, the  introspection

474.  a completed  telephone call that has been   weeks  in coming
475.  the love that   is shared in the giving of  wondrous  gifts,   my  hubby fulfilled a  dream of mine   for  my anniversary this year!
476.  Life together   in our  church  family on  Resurrection  Sunday,  rejoicing in the   fulfilled gospel message!

477.  Seeing   renewed vigor in  both  my parents
478. the gift of hearing aids   for my dad   from the VA....   praying he can   maintain their  care and    keep up with them....   trusting the Lord in  this vital area!
479. A  fun filled   knitting class just in the nick of time! 

 480.  the awesome timing of the LORD  for every purpose under heaven!

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