Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Raised Gardens

Photo: Itching to get back in the garden? We are!

I am  very  interested in  planting   a raised garden this season....   whether it  would  be devoted to just herbals
or  if I  incorporate   veggies into  it as well,  is yet to be  decided.


Contemporary Landscape by Sausalito Landscape Architect Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture
  I really  like these  smaller  boxes   with   the walkway  inbetween....


  1. Love this idea too ... I would love to try it as well - my garden moved from a regular one to pots on our deck so as not to tempt the yard bunnies. I like the idea of being able to walk around instead of through the mud and dirt!

  2. I have one area that is a raised garden and we fill it with perennials and vegetables (companion planting). A tidy area! Have a wonderful weekend. Chel


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