Monday, April 8, 2013

Wings of Eagles is 5

April the 9th Wings of Eagles celebrates 5 years!
Blogging  is such a blessing to me!
For one  thing,  as is evident, it  feeds my  appetite for change.. I can change my  blog appearance often,  instead of   repeatedly  rearranging my living room,  which   pleases my husband  exponentially!  To quote what  I wrote last year,
"It is hard to believe that these   years have passed  in this endeavor.... but I have to say they have been  fulfilling years of discovery about myself and the world about me.... 
  What started out as an online journal  has  grown into a   daily activity that gives me so much pleasure...  mainly because of the wonderful people  I  have met along the way  and for that I am ever grateful!
  As I  wrote  in my introductory pages (tabs),  writing  has always been  a favored pastime for me....  I loved teaching writing and my students charged me on the day I retired to find a way to incorporate writing into my  life...  
   Blogging has been the most marvelous vehicle for this  I could ever  imagine and  it is  very challenging to me to  be able to    write something to share  every day...  even as  little as it may be!"
That  truly says it all ....  as any blogger  knows   the joy of sharing and  making new connections,   
learning from others,  the inspiration  and edification   that comes  through   this sharing  is  very  valuable and better than any other   online source or pastime....connecting with kindred spirits   is   joyful and  just plan  fun!!!  
I wish I had the time  these  days to   really   visit  much more   but  my time isn't my own  with my parents in two different  facilities...  but   when I do find the time to visit,  it  blesses me so much and   refills my "teapot"   with  the happiness  that  a  cup of tea shared with a good friend   can only do!!!

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